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Toothbrush shopping

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Every parent tries to acquire tricks that helps them overcome the mammoth task of getting their child to brush their teeth, especially at night. Trying to help you manoeuvre this phase here's something that can make teeth care enjoyable for your child.

Swipe Right!

Giving them a free hand to pick their own toothbrush would give them the same joy as NYKAA deliveries feel for mommies. Swiping to choose from powered toothbrushes, with 2­ ‐ minute timers to selecting Peppa Pig or Chota Bheem to brush their teeth, personalised toothbrush kits come in handy. Toothpaste shopping must start off as trainers (no fluoride) just like the side wheels on a bicycle. The moment kids learn to spit the big girl/boy paste (with fluoride) can be added to cart immediately! Accessorising their kits with mouthwashes can be considered too!

Game On!

Apps like Brush DJ, Happy teeth or little panda make toothbrushing enjoyable and fun. Simulator games like Dr.Teeth help children learn the technique of tooth brushing too. Oral-B, Colgate and Aqua mouth come with fantastic options to keep children motivated and excited to brush.

Personal Tooth Touch

Allow me to handle this for you. Not only can I personalise this kit for you but I promise to send a lil surprise for your lil one.

Send in all your inquires to my inbox on OR

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