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Asked Questions

  • Why do children develop cavities?
    Chocolates isn't the only answer. Cavities or dental caries is a multifactorial disease which plagues 3 out of 4 children world wide. Poor oral hygiene, unhealthy food choices and debilitating oral habits are some of the many causes for dental decay.
  • Are fillings in milk teeth important?
    Yes! Milk teeth are important not only for eating, but also crucial in child's growth. Milk teeth are natrual space maintainers till the permanent teeth erupt. Early exfoliation or falling off of milk teeth gives way to higher chances of crooked teeth. Restoring/Filling the milk tooth when decayed, helps preserve the health of your child's mouth.
  • Can crooked teeth be prevented?
    Yes! Early intervention proves to help correct your child's teeth alignment, provide better jaw structure and develop healthier faces. There is no need to wait for permanent teeth to erupt to straighten teeth. Muscle exercises along with habit correction are phenomenal in straigthening teeth without braces.
  • Do milk teeth need root canal treatments?
    Sometimes, when the decay reaches the core or pulp of the tooth, we need to treat it. This helps the child keep the tooth and no extraction is needed! This is done via a procedure called pulpectomy or pulpotomy. Depending upon the nature of the decay, treatments are planned. If the infection is superficial, a simple filling works well.
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