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Dr.Ipshita Suyash


MDS (Preventive & Pediatric Dentistry)

Myofunctional Expert & Tongue-Tie Specialist

Prevention is the motto!

Hi! I'm Dr.Ipshita,

After having completed my BDS (2012) from DYP School of Dentistry, Mumbai I found my life's purpose in the field of pediatric dentistry in 2013. I didn't stop learning even after being a gold medalist. I further specialized in Myofunctional Therapy (USA), tongue-ties, lip ties (TBI ambassador USA), and breathe re-training. 

I started Toothish as a holistic space. Apart from exclusive pediatric dentistry, I have a team of lactation consultants (breastfeeding support) to help mothers in their feeding journey. Right from infancy, diagnosing the cause of a child's pain, difficulty, and disease is important. My job is not just restricted to fillings, root canals, and extractions. I have the good fortune of seeing my patients in their developing years. Catching wrong habits, disturbed breathing patterns, and slow growth trends early, allows me to prevent tooth decay, crooked teeth, sleep, and eating issues! 

I am happy to answer all your questions and embark on this journey of preventive oral healthcare for your child.


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