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Fallen Tooths

Early Prevention

Healthy teeth are the happiest!

"I brush two times Doctor" is the prompt answer all kids give! Parents are very careful when it comes to oral health. They start their kids' oral hygiene measures as early as 4-5  months. However, keeping teeth white and gums in the pink of health requires not only brushing routines but also a healthy diet! 

Guding parents in their child's oral health journey, providing the needed tooth diet and developing good oral habits are our areas of expertise.



oral hyigene

There is more to oral hygiene than just tooth brushing. 

tooth foods

Did you know the right kind of foods can boost your child's oral health?


Correcting thumb-sucking, mouth breathing and other oral habits improve your child's oral health!

ties and teeth

Did you know the tongue is a natural toothbrush? 

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