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Infant Dentistry

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

The very first time that you hold your baby in your arms, this very moment transforms you as an individual. Your end all and be all becomes the child; providing for them, nurturing them, and preventing them from harms way is a way of life.

Babies and Mommies.

Women have instinctive mothering genes which comes to life the moment they hear their baby's first cry! The first time the baby latches onto a mother's breast sends a her entire being into overdrive. From then on She will always know best!

Having said that it is important to have a support system when you raise your lil ones. To help you in your journey, it is best to have a village! Every woman has her own mom goals. It becomes daunting when her first step of nurturing becomes painful.

Pain while breast feeding, bleeding/cracked nipple, engorged breasts are the most common trends seen in 3 out of 5 mothers. Slipping off of the baby after latching on, baby sleeping at the breast, fussy baby, constant nursing are few of the many reasons why you may want support.

A lactation consultant will not only hear your worries, but also lend you the helping hand you need. These wonder women are trained professionals who can help you achieve your goals even though you may have stopped feeding your baby*.

However, even with all the positions and pillows, the latch can be difficult. The baby's mouth plays a vital role in getting the needed nourishment. Restrictions seen in an infants mouth - tethered oral tissues (TOTs) tongue, lip and cheek ties, are real! These tiny bands of soft tissue are seen in all of us. However, if they hinder the child to get the needed nourishment it is only normal to have a pediatric dentist have a look at it.

Help me help you

Early visits dental visits for infants and toddlers go a long way in preventing feeding issues, cavities and harmful habits. Contrary to what is passed down from website to website you don't have to wait for 6 months or the first tooth, to see a specialist. Teething irritations, feeding struggles and sometimes even breathing worries, all have their origins in the mouth. Please ensure your paediatric dentist is on speed dial just like your baby's paediatrician is.

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