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Teeth, Breathe & Sleep

Holistic pediatric dentistry, myofunctional therapy & orthodontics


For Great Smiles Preschool, the love for

Child Dental Care

From teething worries to preparing you with everything you want and need to know about your child's oral health. Get a personalized oral care regimen and learn easy games to make your child brush their teeth!

Cavity Control

Find a holistic approach to tooth decay. Non- invasive dentistry, evidence based treatment plans, and fun-filled dental visits!

Oral Hygiene & More

Ensuring your child's teeth are clean and strong we take a detailed history to formulate the best preventive measures for your little one. Enroll in our preventive plans to reduce tooth decay and make gums healthy.

Myofunctional Therapy

Naturally, straighten your child's teeth by correcting habits. Muscle exercises will also help in improving your child's sleeping and breathing issues. 

Tongue Ties & health

Tongue ties can prevent your child's growth, affect teeth and even speech. Early intervention helps healthy growth & teeth!

Braces and Invisalign 

New age teeth straightening with invisible braces, trainers, and much more! Efficient and effective orthodontic treatment for children as early as age 4. 

A Preventive Approach

Dr.Ipshita Suyash

BDS, MDS, Myofunctional Therapy Expert

"A happy child is the healthiest"

Visits to pediatric dentists can be daunting for kids and parents! However, keeping milk teeth healthy is truly essential. As an exclusive kids dentist, I provide a holistic approach to handling oral health care.

From helping babies feed well to guiding children to have healthier habits, Toothish is the first Mother-Child preventive home in Mumbai.

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Parents Say

Yuv's mom

My son had been suffering from allergies and couldn’t sleep with his mouth open at night. After many sleepless nights, we went to Toothish just for a random tooth check and turns out Dr. Ipshita has a solution for all our breathing problems! It’s been a couple of months already and there’s a definite change - like I can actually see his crooked teeth coming in line! That too without any injection or any procedure - just naturally through exercises and trainer wear. Thank you so much Dr. Ipshita for believing in your methods and doing such a wonderful job


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